Madison Summers in MADISON SUMMERS

Welcome 24-year-old Madison Summers to the Black Ambush condo and we aim to deliver what our name implies. So Madison is fresh off her first sex on camera over at ExCoGi and this proud slut just can’t get enough of what she thinks is another fun as fuck romping with “The Director” Jake Adams. I’m not sure who’s more excited? Is Jake more excited to get his hands all over our newbie and get his dick sucked by those perfect lips again? Or is it Madison who’s more excited to suck Jake’s dick again and presumably get another dicking of a lifetime? Well you know the story and it’s Jake who gets to get his dick sucked again and the ambush is set while resident black stallion Isiah Maxwell watches it all unfold on the Ambush Cam in the bedroom. So once Jake thoroughly gets his dick sucked he asks Madison if she enjoyed squirting yesterday and he promises her more waterworks in the bedroom; and this little newbie can’t wait. But first it's some finger fucking in the hallway before she’s surprised by Isiah’s erect man meat that’s waiting for her on the bed. You know the rest of this story, well maybe you don’t. There’s lots of deep throating, clit manhandling with the magic wand as Madison’s windpipe gets unclogged, and of course a ton of pussy pounding to go around until Isiah releases his load all over that little slutty face of hers. So like I said, I think you only think you know the story because horn dog Jake just loves what Madison has between her legs so much that he just couldn’t contain himself and snuck into the bathroom after her post shoot confessional to release himself all over her and give her another proper dicking in the shower. Surprise number 2 Madison, and I don’t think she minded at all. You know, just some good clean fun and don’t think Madison would have minded if 5 guys releasing a load of Jizz all over her after the shoot. She’s a “Take all Cummers” type of girl and we love it. But she’ll settle for the two we surprised her with and this little newbie liked the taste of two different guys cum today and this little slut wears her slut badge with pride. Oh a little side note. When Jake asked if she knew what Isiah’s name was after he just finished cumming on her face she just laughed and said no. Gotta love sluts. Love’em. So enjoy Madison’s second sex and first BBC on camera everyone. Both Isiah and Director Jake most certainly did.

6 months ago