Maria Geller in Feel It With Maria Geller

Fashion model Maria Geller may have plenty of experience in front of the camera. After all she has years of experience working for designers, catalogs, and magazines. But this is the very first time she has appeared in an erotic video, and we are happy that she chose Superbe Models for her debut. We created a simple but sexy studio shoot with her so we could focus on her beauty and attitude without any distractions. First she wore a modern black dress but quickly stripped down to her sheer lingerie set. She was not shy and had fun showing off for the camera giving you an up close and personal view of her exquisite body. And when she just couldn't help herself anymore, she laid back to play with her lovely pussy and give you a front row seat to the show. So if you love to see beautiful fashion models fully nude and fully erotic, you won't be disappointed with Maria's first erotic video.

2 years ago