Kinuski, Kate Rich in Time to Dream

Gorgeous Kinuski and Kate Rich are in a passionate embrace, watched by Kristof Cale, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Time To Dream" begins. Kinuski pinches raven-haired Kate’s stiff nipples and fingers her shaved pussy, putting on a horny show. Sexy Kate shoots a teasing smile Kristof’s way as Kinuski starts to lick her wet slit, working her up to fever pitch. Kate sucks on Kinuski’s beautiful breasts and fingerbangs her pussy to an intense orgasm. Now Kristof can’t hold back any longer, eating Kate’s pussy from behind, then thrusting his hard cock into her as she kisses her girlfriend. He fingers Kinuski’s pussy as he fucks Kate, then moves onto his back so the Finnish babe can straddle him. Kate fondles Kinuski’s quivering breasts as she rides Kristof’s thick cock, enjoying a string of climaxes, then sits astride Kristof’s face so the girls can kiss as he pleasures them both. They cum together and keep on riding to peak after peak of bliss, before Kristof flips Kinuski onto her back so he can screw Kate in spoons as she eats her sweetheart’s pussy. Switching again, Kristof fucks Kinuski steadily as Kate sits on her face. When Kate leans forward into a sixty-nine, sucking Kristof’s cock and licking Kinuski’s clit, all three cum together in a hot, sticky triple climax.

7 months ago