Welcome to the Jizz Bizz 24 year old Madison, who’s a self admitted proud slut. Now we’re not super into calling hot girls any derogatory names here at ExCoGi… unless they ask for it that is wink wink. And like my first statement, Madison wears her slutty badge with honor. If you can’t tell this girl is hot, and a slut. Has a great body, and is a slut. She also has perky soft tits and puffy nipples, and is a slut. She even has a harem of slutty and whorey friends (Love that) and she’s as slutty as a slut can be. So now that we’ve established Madison’s a slut, we can get on with informing you that this is Madison’s first sex on camera and this girl’s super sexual and is into girls as much as guys. And here’s a “no shocker,” Madison loves it rough and has loved it rough ever since she lost her virginity she states with this ever-present smile. I can’t quite tell if it’s a nervous smile or a “I hope you can keep up with me” smile that’s directed at Jake. She obviously hasn’t watched any of our videos or she’d be fully aware that once Jake is unleashed and let loose you have to beat him off with a stick or shoot him to get him to stop. He’s sorta like a Tasmanian Devil, but with a small babies arm for a cock. And as all our newbie’s state during their post shoot confessional, “it’s a fucking of a lifetime,” and Madison’s no different. We also find out that Madison’s quite the exhibitionist and has had sex in front of a crowd before. Yes… and like I said earlier she’s a little slut this one, and with a body to boot. Now if you don’t know I’m a legs and ass guy, and I must say Madison has legs that go all the way from the floor up to that perfect ass of hers. They’re like blown glass… and that arch? Wars have been started over pieces of ass this good and Madison lives up to all her earlier hype of herself and she puts in a fucking performance which includes her first ever squirting and sex with a magic wand. Did I say this girl’s got great legs and ass already? Ok then. So let’s all sit back and enjoy her video because this proud slut can fuck, and its quite rough and enjoyable.

4 months ago