Nicole Auclair in NICOLE AUCLAIR

Nerd alert! Yeah but it’s a nerd alert in every great possible way you can image. So humor me here a bit and close your eyes and envision you’re sitting at home playing your favorite computer game with your “joystick” in hand. Ok I’ll bet most, if not all of you are actually sitting at home or you’re in the bathroom at work with your pants around your ankles and you’ve all got a firm grip on your “joystick” or “fun gun” ready to blast off to a galaxy far far away. Oh and yes, the Star Wars themed dialogue was intentional because you see today’s super horny and over-sexed nerd on our bed is 24-year-old Nicole Auclair and I’m here to tell you the cosplay / nerd convention circuit / video gamer world will never be the same. You see as we get to know Nicole she claims that she loves everything nerdy and embraces every type of cosplay / dress up event or convention there is. She’s even so nerdy that when she was younger she made her own costumes for the shows. I'm starting to rethink things a bit more and think we all need to start hanging around Star Trek or nerdy conventions more. Hey, nerds need loving too and the last time I checked all girls, that includes nerds, have a mouth, a pussy, and an asshole. All of which I remind you love to be filled with long hard objects and Nicole is proof of this fact of life. So if you look up Nicole’s Onlyfans you’ll see this girl fully embraces nerdism and all things nerdy. Damn straight. Own it girl, and resident horn dog Jake Adams can’t wait to show this Onlyfans veteran a good time for her first Pro/Am shoot. So how much of a nerd is Nicole? Well, she did admit that she lost her virginity to a guy she met while playing an online video game and yes, I need the name of that game so I can start trolling for some nerd pussy if it's as good as Nicole’s. Ok so yes Nicole likes to play it up a bit and she’s someone who’s fully manifested her cosplay themed role into her persona. But hey, she’s a .47% Onlyfans girl and if that makes you money honey than JUST DO IT. Then just relax, sit back, and let JAKE DO YOU and DO YOU he does today. But Steve, do nerdy girls get down and nasty, doing the all the rough pussy pounding, deep throating, ass rimming stuff us perverted guys in the pornosphere likes? Yes she does and Nicole, like all girls, likes it nasty and does everything we ask her to today. So my advice to all of you is this. If you haven’t ever asked a nerdy girl out, do it sometime. Expanding your fishing pond to include the “book smart” or “kind of nerdy” girls can be adventuresome and sexually rewarding. They just might surprise you and blow your mind, along with your wiener. I’ll also bet most will swallow your load, as Nicole did today, and they’ll do things sexually that will amaze and leave you saying, “Why didn’t I go after nerd pussy sooner?” So Cheers everyone! Steve

4 months ago