Veronica Leal, Stacy Bloom in Pussy Tastes Better

Hot blonde Veronica Leal is in the kitchen preparing dinner – but her lesbian lover craves something sweeter. As Sandra Shine’s erotic movie "Pussy Tastes Better" begins, gorgeous brunette Stacy Bloom rejects the meal in favor of pizza – and while it cooks, they have time for some sexy fun. Kissing hungrily, the busty babes caress each other’s big beautiful breasts, squashing them together, sucking the nipples stiff. Getting naked, Stacy sits up on the countertop with her thighs spread so her girlfriend can eat her pussy. Veronica licks between her smooth lips and laps at her clit skilfully; Stacy grabs and jiggles her soft boobs as the powerful sensations build, turning onto her belly for Veronica to eat her from behind. She cums, gasping and moaning out her pleasure, then kneels to lick Veronica’s’s pussy, sucking on her clit until her orgasm overwhelms her. Perfect timing, as the pizza is ready… and now they have worked up an appetite!

4 months ago