Sydny Davis in SYDNY DAVIS

Girl you’ve got the prettiest Betty Davis eyes. Strikingly blue and piercing they are and I’m not sure what’s more beautiful on this girl because this MILF by definition has a body that most women would kill for. And the tightest most beautiful pussy and asshole also that just begs to have a tongue stuck up them. Kind of makes a guy want to come out of retirement this one does because there isn’t much about this girl that isn’t beautiful. Perfect tits, check. Perfect ass? Check. Beautiful face? Check. Great skin and teeth? Double check and DSL lips that scream, not whisper but screams, I’m going to suck all the cum out of your cocks big boys. So I bet you think that a beautiful woman like Sydny must get all the sex she wants and gets it everyday? Well once again you’re all very ignorant because women, unlike us men, require more than just a hole to fornicate with, and most want something more than just a stiff cock probing and prodding at their orifices for the short five minutes most men fuck for and Ms. Sydny’s no different. So why is this fine mare here to make her first porno you ask? Well she declares she’s definitely a relationship type of girl who just recently went through a breakup 2 months ago and blames her self induced dry spell on the fact she just doesn’t do one night stands. Trust me when I say her vibrator’s been working overtime these last few months and this girl's so ready to take her first dick on camera and start living life to it’s fullest I thought she was going to eat Tyler whole once her clothes were off. Life’s too short she says and it’s time to get the fuck out there and grab life by either it’s pussy or cock and start sucking and fucking it to the fullest. This MILF is hot in every way imaginable and no matter what I write about her here I just feel I won't do this girl or all her fucking firsts today justice, and there were a lot of firsts today. Tyler was even so tuned on by this girl that he did a double pop and creampied her then immediately gave her a facial. Welcome to porning and great sex Sydny. We hope it was everything you’d dreamt it would be. So a few final thoughts I will leave you all with is Sydny’s an intense touchy feely type of girl who has intense sex when she’s with the right person. Was Tyler’s the right person today you ask? Watch the video and see for yourself. Did I say she’s intense? She’s very intense and full of surprises this one is so welcome to porning girl and all the great sex it has to offer. Cheers everyone.

1 year ago