Gracie Gates in GRACIE GATES

“So what do you think of anal?” asked Jake Adams of today’s anal exploit. “That was fun,” declares 19 year old returnee Gracie Gates who had just got her asshole worked over by Jake, and I do mean worked over. This girl is a pleaser and she lets Jake use all of her holes to his fullest perverse pleaser today and this girl loved it for her 2nd analing ever. So Gracie told us she doesn’t have much anal experience and has only let her first boyfriend do it to her once for like just a few minutes. We love the inexperience girl, and love even more that a young willing teen will submit her “almost virgin” anus to us so that we can at will, do whatever we want to it. I think this is every pervert’s heavenly dream and Jake definitely was in heaven today. So like I said Gracie doesn’t have much anal experience and doesn’t quite know what to expect as you will see in the pre-shoot makeup BTS footage and this girl's facial expressions are classic and I think really sets the tone for the days events. You’re all welcome by the way, and Gracie? Well her anal serving today includes what we call “The Bonus Package” and this newbie to anal confessed afterwards that it hurt a little bit but she also thought it felt really good and even giggled she wanted to do it again right away. Like right now right away and if I had known that I myself would have snuck in the bathroom to sample that freshly fucked asshole. So Steve what does “The Bonus Package” include? Good question boys and girls. It includes a healthy dose of domination that doesn’t skimp on the deep throating with gagging, slapping and choking. It also is accompanied by a little kissing and pussy licking for you know, passion. It helps keep the pussy juices flowing. There’s lots and lots of anal play with fingers and various butt plugs to stretch that virgin like asshole out, and with this order the “Bonus Package” also included at no extra charge DP w/ toys. And because Gracie is so fresh and willing, if you act right now we’ll even through in multiple orgasms for one hell of an analing good time. So Steve, did Gracie enjoy her first real analing experience? You’ll all just have to watch. But Steve!!! Did this girl find pleasure from all that painal and did she have multiple orgasms as you hint above? You’ll just have to watch. Come on Steve!!! We’re all dying here of anticipation. Did she do every perverse act that you and Jake told her to do and do it without question? Again, you will all just have to watch, but I will say this. She pushed through this scene like a champ to please us and this newbie certainly delivered a first true analing experience worthy of a standing ovation. So here it is everyone. Enjoy Steve.

1 year ago