Seth Gamble, Jane Wilde, Charly Summer in Cum Swap Cuties #02 - Charly Summer, Jane Wilde & Seth Gamble

Seth Gamble is talking to his friend Jane Wilde about his sex life. He says that his girlfriend Charly Summer likes it when he cums on her face, or in her pussy, or on her ass, but she never lets him cum in her mouth. Jane suggests that maybe Charly is just afraid to try having cum in her mouth, so if she had a friend to do it with her, she wouldn't be afraid anymore. Naturally, Jane is more than happy to be that friend! Seth decides that it's worth a try.Later on, before the threesome begins, Charly admits to Jane that she's worried this will make things weird afterwards. But Jane assures Charly that she and Seth are just friends, so she's not trying to steal Charly's boyfriend. She's just here to taste the cum! Charly is surprised at Jane's explanation... does cum really taste THAT good?Once Seth enters the room, it's time for the fun to begin. The two pretty ladies suck on his cock and balls, then take turns getting fucked by him. With Jane's help, Charly has so much fun that she's definitely not afraid to taste Seth's cum anymore, so she eagerly tries cum swapping with Jane!

1 year ago