Zazie S in My Geeky Girl

Cute redhead Elin Flame is distracted from her studies in the most delightful way by adorable blonde Zazie S. As Nik Fox’s hot lesbian movie "My Geeky Girl" begins, the way Zazie’s tight t-shirt hugs her perky, bra-less breasts makes it very difficult for her girlfriend to concentrate. Before long, Elin succumbs to temptation and returns Zazie’s kisses, their mutual passion growing rapidly. Zazie pulls her sweetheart’s top down and lavishes attention on her beautiful breasts, then offers her own nipples to Elin’s eager mouth. She kneels between Elin’s spread thighs and tugs her panties aside to lick her prominent clit. The redhead gasps with arousal as her lover eats her pussy skilfully, making her body flood with intense pleasure. Now Elin kisses her way down to Zazie’s hot pussy, licking with great focus, making the sexy blonde shiver and moan through a powerful orgasm. Zazie lies back and Elin straddles her face in a sixty-nine so they can eat each other in unison, tongues and fingers going deep as they make each other cum again. It was just the study break Elin needed…

1 year ago