Brooklyn Gray in How Rude To Intrude

A man, Derrick Pierce, has a compulsion to sneak into women's homes when they're not around and masturbate, leaving behind a puddle of cum as his calling card. But one night, on one of his outings, he is accidentally discovered by Brooklyn Gray, who lives at the home he has entered. It seems Derrick hasn't cased the place well enough!He's shocked as Brooklyn catches him with his hand down his pants while sniffing their underwear and is certain he's going to be reported... but then Brooklyn reveals that they're a bit naughty themselves.Pleasantly surprised by how attractive Derrick is, and not bothered by his presence at all, Brooklyn mischievously tells Derrick that he WON'T get in trouble... as long as he gives them a little taste of his calling card!

1 year ago