Kate Fresh in Chain Power 2

Kinky Latvian babe Kate Fresh sits in a stark room with metallic walls and floor. A tattooed silver blonde with tongue and septum piercings, she is wearing a revealing red PVC minidress and red fishnet pantyhose, and bound with a jeweled leather collar, chain leash and metal handcuffs. With the leather loop handle of the leash hooked around one cute foot, she runs the cuffs up and down the chain, legs splayed and dress riding up to offer a peek at her shaved pussy. Her slit is hidden by a crotch panel in her pantyhose – but, as she kneels and reaches back to stroke it through the fabric, the camera gets a close-up shot of her tight asshole through the mesh. She grinds against both hands then turns, unlocks her cuffs and slips a hand inside of her pantyhose before peeling them down and off. Again, the camera zooms in to capture every detail as her fingers get busy, grinding against her clit to get her juices flowing. Moaning, she probes her snatch, extending one finger to tease the rim of her anal pucker. Her free hand yanks on her leash as she plows herself, and she rocks her butt back and forth, squirming on the floor. Once again, she rolls over to pound her pussy doggy style, the handcuffs rattling as they dangle from one wrist. Then she falls on her back, frigging herself into a frenzy, her entire crotch glistening wet and her body humping, twitching and trembling as she cums hard…

1 year ago