Honey Hayes in HONEY HAYES

“I’m wearing a black skirt, a white top that says ‘Baby Girl’ and a white Cardigan sweater. Someone said I look like Brittany Spears in the airport”. Those were the words that 20 year old Honey Hayes used to describe herself to us, and she wasn’t fucking kidding! Wow!!! I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off of her either if I saw her walking threw the airport, and walked through the airport proudly she did. If I looked liked you Honey I would be a little baby girl slut wanting all my holes filled everyday. Well that’s something to work up to I suppose but you’re here now and we’re going to make the most of the opportunities that are laid, and spread before us. So this is Honey’s 2 nd shoot and she’s fresh off the Backroom Casting Couch were she did anal for the first time ever and we love that. She admitted she’s not a huge fan of anal at the moment, but said she’d be more into it once she has more practice with it. My dick’s getting hard typing this shit because this girl has everything going for her to be a superstar. Rocking great body, fine ass tits, beautiful pussy, sweet as all fuck personality and the right fucking “I want to please” attitude that makes cocks go stiff when she walks in the room. So we find out that Honey’s got a BF who’s kinda supportive with her new career choice. We say boyfriends aren’t roadblocks Honey, they’re speed bumps and it looks like the road is clear. So lets put the peddle to the metal shall we and get this car romping moving in the direction of cock sucking, titty pinching, finger fucking, ass rimming, and pussy pounding till you cant walk strait action because I know Jake’s raring to go as he always is. Just remember everyone. This IS someone’s daughter and Jake certainly fucked the shit out of someone’s daughter today for one of the better sex scenes we’ve shot in the past few years. Yes Honey may look innocent and sweet but don’t let looks fool you. Today Honey walked in a BABY GIRL, and walked out SORE. Those are her words, not mine. Trust me when I say Jake took this Baby Girl for a ride on his sit and spin using her like his own personal little fuck doll and she loved it. She couldn’t stop shaking from the intense dicking Jake gave her. Her sex life will never be the same your welcome. “This is the sex that all my future fucking’s will be judged from,” she said during her post shoot confessional. We agree and you’re welcome Baby Girl. This is just the way we like to treat and leave all the newbie’s that we get our perverted hands on here at ExCoGi. So enjoy Baby Girl everyone! Jake did you lucky son of a bitch.

1 year ago