Amie, Serena A in Taking Turns 2

Horny Hispanic brunette Amie is fixing her hair in a bathroom. Next to her, Serena A, a sizzling-hot tattooed blonde with a Monroe lip piercing, is checking out her reflection – she runs her fingers through her waist-length mane and flashes perfect breasts and glasscutter nipples in a revealing top. She is also admiring her gorgeous girlfriend and, as the two caress, she applies dark-red lipstick to Amie’s pouting mouth. Amie returns the favor, brushing black mascara onto Serena’s long lashes. The duo makes out, hands exploring beautiful curves as they strip each other naked. Topless, they grind their tits together slowly and sensually, with Serena sneaking a suck on Amie’s nipples. Then she gets Amie naked and bends her over the counter. Sinking to her knees, Serena licks and nuzzles Amie’s ass, then kisses her way up her back, spooning her standing up. Soon, she is naked too, showing off a bubble butt as she grinds her crotch against Amie’s cheeks. She fingers her own unshaved, hairy pussy before giving Amie’s the same treatment and soon, Amie moans and fingers her own clit as Serena’s digits plow her pussy. The two make out again, then Amie perches on the counter, thighs splayed to expose her shaved pussy. Serena goes down on her, fingering her hole hard and fast as she licks clit. Amie caresses Serena’s tits as the blonde sucks on hers again – and within moments the brunette orgasms, moaning into her lover’s mouth as she creams. Even when Amie is done cumming, Serena continues to caress her pussy, more tenderly now. Then Amie’s fingers and mouth get busy as they head into the shower for a wet and wild round two...

9 months ago