WHAT TIME IS IT? Well it ain't hammer time that's for sure. What it is is ANALRIFFIC time, and you CAN touch this. It's Katelynn James's return to the exploited hotel room and this time she's here for her first ANALGASM while we take her BROWN CHERRY on camera. Now Katelynn's let two guys SWITCH LANES once before in her personal life, which in her own words, "hurt a bit, but it was ok." If your name's not Jake, a skilled LOG DODGER, then stay in your lane guys cuz he knows how to TAKE A GIRLS BACK DOOR and cross her BROWN BARRIER like an experienced ASStronaut on his way to URANUS. But to make sure the HERSHEY HIGHWAY's clear for takeoff, Jake gave our little starlet an anal prep kit to use the night before just to make sure she's ANALLY INCLINED and ready to take his cock up that oh so tight DRY CRACK of hers. And if you didn't see Katelynn's top rated debut you missed out on seeing her get the SHIT fucked out of her as she broke the all time orgasm record on ExCoGi. Now you know we just had to keep this girl over right so we could exploit that pretty BUNGHOLE of hers and there's just something about this girl that screams sexy. We're just so glad she decided to take that anal leap of faith and let our man Jake explore that most secret or secret places of a young girl. You know what I'm talking about. Yeah, that's right. Jake poked her BROWN EYE, took her COLON-BOWLIN down her MUD HOLE. Hid his PIG IN HER MUD, got CORNED BEEFED, PUNCHED HER KIDNEY through her STARFISH, took her TAILSURFING then COLON FISHING. He stretched her O-RING, road her BROWN BACK as a COLON COWBOY then TAILGATED her and jumped in her DIRT BUNKER. He cleaned her GUTTERS, DIPPED THE CHURRO IN CHOCOLATE, rode her CHOCOLATE CHEW- CHEW, ate her MUD PIE and gave it to her in her SOAP KITCHEN. He put his bike in her TRUNK, SNAKED her TOILET, and then made her BROWNIES and POOP TARTS. She sung a little of the ANAL BLUES and had ANAL CARNAGE OFFROADING & WRECKTUM. He played her BACK NINE and PUTTED FROM THE ROUGH. PEGGING. He flew as her POOPHOLE PILOT, ROASTED her RUMP St. LOUIS STYLE and RODE HER BIKE BACKWARDS. He got ACCEPTED TO BROWN through her admissions office and had wonderful MUDDY LOVE with a little PAINAL mixed in for you lovers of "THAT SHIT". Pun intended. What a SAN FRANCISCO TREAT she is. Just BROWN AND SERVE cuz this ANAL DESTRUCTION is WINKING at ya. Yes this scene is full of all kinds of fun SHIT you'd expect from perverted fucks like us and Jake couldn't help but fall off the wagon today officially becoming a CORNHOLIC. But who'd blame him? Katelynn's the sexiest BONE SMUGGLER I've ever met and Jake the ANALMAL finished her cavity off with a DIRTY TRUNK JUICE SNOWBALL just because. Oh and he was so turned on by sexy Katelynn's ass she finished him off a second time in the shower, also just because. So the next time you're looking up in the night sky thinking about CHOCOLATE THUNDERING your gals HOLY GRAIL during an epic ANAL CHAINSAW MASSACRE on your way to ANALMAGEDDON just think, TWINKER TWINKER little STARFISH. How I wonder what you'd sound like as I POSTHOLE DIGGER her then PUMP HER DUMPER. Yeah that's REPEAT OFFENDERING it a bit much but who gives a SHIT. Enjoy this ANALING! Steve

8 months ago