Kate Fresh in Pumping Time 2

Horny Latvian babe Kate Fresh is getting her kink on at home. Dressed in lace-up PVC underwear with fishnet pantyhose and ankle-strap spike heels, she’s running her hands over her firm ass and thighs, pulling the crotch tight up into her butt-crack and slit. She has a cute alternative look, with tattoos, dyed silver-gray hair and heavy-framed hipster-style glasses. She kneads her pert, perfect breasts through her bra and slips one hand, then two inside of her shiny black panties. She has a vacuum pussy pump ready and waiting, and she examines it, licking and biting it as she takes a close-up look. Next, she pulls her panties and fishnets down to her ankles and begins to masturbate, dipping a finger between her fleshy, shaved pussy lips to tease her juice-slick slit and clit. Then she sits, legs splayed wide, and positions the cup of the pump over her snatch. Moaning with pleasure, she squeezes the bulb, sucking out the air. Her pussy lips and clit expand and engorge; then, when she removes the cup, they remain swollen and deep pinkish-purple in color. They’re also super-sensitive now – she barely touches them before her moans turn to cries and whimpers and her orgasm starts to build within seconds. She frigs herself hard with her fingers, quivering tits now freed from her bra. She pauses, then resumes her self-pleasure and uses the pump once again, until her snatch is half-filling the clear cup. She releases it and, almost sobbing now, gets on all fours doggy style to flaunt her pussy and tight asshole from the rear. She reaches in between her thighs, two fingers probing deep between her plumped-up lips. Then she gives her snatch another brief pump before lying back on the floor to plow and spread it. Crazed with lust, she rocks and squirms as she cums, hand pinned between her thighs as she bucks against it. Finally satisfied she stands up, showing off her long legs as she pulls up her pantyhose...

9 months ago