Fuck)Rebecca Blue in Rebecca Blue Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten

Rebecca Blue looks like an angel. Her white hair, flawless skin and beautiful eyes make it look like she is never doing something bad. She arrives dressed simply in a white T-shirt and a pair of black shorts. As James Deen interviews her, everything about being angelic starts to drift away. She mentions she loves to be talked to while her pussy is being eaten. She adds playing with her clit and spanking her on the list of the things that will surely make her orgasm. The conversation between the two take a little while because she obviously loves to talk. The next scene cuts to Rebecca already butt naked on a yellow couch. Her eyes are now shut. One of her arms is raised above her head while two hands are on her small tits, massaging the nipples until they harden. James is now down there, eating her pussy the way she wants him to. The blonde beauty doesn’t really react that much. She just moans slightly. It isn’t satisfying for him so he begins the real pussy-eating session. James lifts both of her legs up and spreads them widely giving him more access to her pussy that is already wet. As he playfully licks and strokes her clit, she plays with her small tits to deal with the sensation. He lifts her legs even higher. He then dives into her pussy, surprising her. She gasps. He slowly thrusts his tongue inside her wet and tight pussy. He wants to feel her open up as he inserts his warm tongue inside her. He tonguefucks her pussy as he spanks her butt cheeks. He mouthfucks her as he plays with her boobs until she orgasms. Rebecca Blue lays down on the ground after the pussy eating session. She isn’t moving but her face says she just had a good time.

3 weeks ago