Shay Sights, Maya Woulfe in Caught Eavesdropping

Shay Sights is getting ready for bed when she hears her stepdaughter Maya Woulfe moaning passionately from the other side of the wall. Seems like Maya is giving herself a little night-fap, totally unaware that her stepmother can hear pretty much everything. Shay quickly grows aroused and settles into her own bed, masturbating in unison with her stepdaughter, listening to every breath and squeal.As Maya masturbates, she begins to moan out her STEPMOTHER'S NAME! Hearing her own name from her stepdaughter's lips gets Shay even more turned on, prompting her to dive deeper into this unfolding fantasy while she moans out Maya's name in return. Shay and Maya can't get enough of it. They call out each other's names louder and louder, each thinking the other can't hear when they finally realize that they've been masturbating to each other the whole time!Maya timidly makes her way to Shay's room to find her stepmother sweaty and ready for more. Maya can't get her eyes off of her, taking in Shay's naked body for the first time and loving every inch of it. Like any good role model, Shay invites Maya into her bed and offers to show her a few of her tricks.When you're living in the same house, accidentally eavesdropping on family can happen. For these two however, it's certainly nothing to moan about!

1 month ago