Maddy in MADDY 2

21 year old Maddy “The Baddie” (I just made that up) is here today. She used to be a teacher or teacher's aid or something, but that’s probably not going to be the case after this video hits the streets. Beneath that shy personality is an absolute super freak just waiting to come out. It’s girls like this that make life worth living, she’s a true embodiment of a slut who just wants to be used. I think, and this is just my opinion, the shock of “lights, camera, action” when she walked in the door is probably why she was so shy to begin with. But don’t worry my baby birds, we’ll get to that. After she arrives and we get her on the couch, we have a nice long interview with her. She’s witty, and quirky for sure, something we really dig. She’s got a good attitude, but she for sure seems a little leery of the whole operation (as she should be!). Although when it’s time to get her out of those clothes she isn’t too hesitant on showing us the goods. She’s wearing some cute undies, and those adorable little princess socks. She’s got a great body, a nice little bush and a superb little butthole that I can’t wait to break in. We get a nice little tutorial on how she masturbates before we hand her some toys and let her go to town. She’s pretty new to anal, but the butt plug doesn’t give her much trouble. Finally the moment I’VE all been waiting for, I finally get to put my cock in that weenie washer and take that mouth for a spin. It does NOT disappoint. She’s got some great tongue skills, that slobber, and deep throat action is amazing. We do a little fucking, but she’s not really feeling that buttt plug so we 86 that and get back to it. We get some doggy, riding and spoon before it’s time to explore that asshole. We take it nice and easy as she’s obviously nervous about taking it up the butt. She takes it up the ass pretty darn well. So we get some doggy and riding, some nice gapes and some no hands deepthroat ATM… my favorite. Finally and subconsciously because I knew she didn’t like the taste of cum, I absolutely UNLOOOOOOOAD on her face, I got a little lightheaded after that one. We went ahead and gave you two angles on that facial. After waterboarding her with some jizz we find out how she feels about all that after the fact and here's her thoughts: she still thinks porn is for her, she doesn’t like the taste of my jizz and anal probably isn’t her thing. We get her dressed, and I'm not a foot or shoe guy, but the way she puts her shoes on, while we’re getting an upstart of that pussy soaking those panties is pretty hot, so be sure to check that out. Rick lets her know she isn’t getting paid today, and she didn’t earn any money for the sex acts she performed today, buuuut the producers will for sure get back to her in about 3 weeks….. right guys? <3 Cam

2 months ago