Jessica in JESSICA 2

19 year old beautiful blonde first timer Jessica has only done foot fetish videos before. She'll tell you all about it during her interview and even demonstrates how she does it. Foot fans, that segment is mandatory viewing for you. After that we focus on what we're here for - Jessica's first bona fide porn shoot. Like many girls her age, she wants to start earning some real money and having done those foot fetish clips for her fans, she feels comfortable doing some REAL porn now. Luckily for us, we got her first. Jessica doesn't know that her very first time having sex on camera will be with a huge black man with a dick the size of a beer can. In fact, she's never had sex with a black man before, only the Italian guys she likes so much. But Jessica is genuinely sweet and open minded , so it's not a big surprise when she opens the door, realizes she will be having sex with the tall black stud standing in front of her...and then starts kissing him all over a few moments later to begin the scene. We wanted to take it slow but no, Jessica is all over JD, and our man doesn't mind. He enjoys a BJ - his cock barely fits in Jessica's mouth! - and then takes her hard bent over the desk in the room. They take things into the bedroom where things are more comfortable (and better lit) and we get to watch our white bonde with her black stud doing sexual acrobatics until JD cums early inside her pussy without warning. He just couldn't hold it any longer and looking at Jessica, we can't blame him. Very hot scene with a real and gorgeous first timer.

2 months ago