Abby Somers in ABBY SOMERS DP

Winter’s upon us everybody and we all need a little something to help keep us warm this time of the season. What season is that Steve? You know the, ‘It Jizz the Season’ Season… The ‘Elf on the shelf’ time of year… The, ‘I saw mommy blowing Santa by the Christmas Tree,’ shenanigans. Well in Santa’s little help Mrs. Abby’s case, it’s more like ‘I saw Grandma blowing Santa and a bunch of his helpers by the Christmas Tree’ because that’s the type of gal Abby is. Bring them on is her attitude and like I said in her first scene's write up, boy do we have a treat for you today. May I present, for the second time, 41 year-old Abby Somers and I’ll say it again. If I hadn’t seen pictures of this hot Gilf’s smoking hot daughters myself I’d say there was no fucking way in hell babies came out of this girl's tight pussy and Tyler, along with Alex Mach couldn’t be more happy to see how Abby takes both their cocks. So today was Abby’s second scene and it was only supposed to be a 3some. No anal. Well we are always down for a little change up here at HMF and Abby said she’s up for a little anal and possibly some DP, Double Penetration action. Yeah baby!!! This little fire cracker was actually hoping for anal in her first scene but didn’t tell us so today we’re going to let the wild cards get played and see what happens. I know the suspense is killing us all. Ok I’ll give you a little something, something to tide you over with. She gets a double facial in the end and then sends her hubby pics of it, then calls him to get his reaction because she’s never let anyone else ever blow a load on her gorgeous face before but him. Curiosity satisfied? No? Well ok then let’s start unwrapping Abby shall we and see what’s under that wrapping paper. The rest of this story shouldn’t disappoint. It’s a good one. Happy Holidays!

2 months ago