Joey White in JOEY WHITE

If you watch ANY porn at all, and since you're a member of our site, you know already whotoday's update is. It's 19yr old Twin Joey White who's on her own for this scene. "I'm nervous",says Joey while she sits on the bed. Now this is actually Joey's first sex on camera. If youremember, Joey and her IDENTICAL TWIN Sami White have already debuted here, and Joeywas a little nervous and worried about fucking in front of her sister, so we decided to do her first shoot the night they arrived. Her younger twin Sami was just next-door in another room, I'm sure listening to all the dirty, naughty, sex stuff that her older sis was doing. This shit is why I wake up in the morning. SO HOT! SO HOT! So as our resident stud Cam was asking our little newbie about her sexual side, we find out that Joey actually prefers girls and has had sex with more girls then guys! God bless America. "So does it turn you on at all to have a stranger, I mean we just met an hour ago, touching you?" asked Cam as he fondles the young pussy lips of this latestexploit. "Yea it does honestly", Joey replied quickly with a smile all over her face. As this shootprogresses you see the anxiety begin to melt away as Joey becomes more comfortable taking herclothes off and being naked in front of 2 strange men. Hell, she been a stripper before. She shouldbe used to it. Maybe she's only comfortable when the strangers are making it rain with $5 bills asshe takes her clothes off? "Hehehe, I'm warming up", she proclaims to us as we instruct her tospread her ass checks so we can see that beautiful asshole and pussy. There is just somethingextremely naughty and hot about a young girl spreading their ass checks & showing the world hergoods for the first time. Makes my dick hard thinking about it to this day. Now lets see if anyone elsepicks up on the quick, but subtle, Freudian Slip that happens at 00:10:21. It's about who she loses her virginity to at 15. He has a foot fetish and she started liking foot jobs because she knew he was going to cum from what she was doing to him. Things like that make you go HMMMMM. I'm not judging or saying it's true, just reporting. So lets get back to exploiting this tender morseland the fact that once Cam introduces the Hitachi to Joey and it starts dancing over her clit shehas her first Orgasm of the day, #1. #2 occurs as soon as Cam penetrates her pussy with a glassdildo and of course she licks her pussy juice right off it. She's a quite one. Not sure she will be toquite as Cam probes her VIRGIN asshole! Of course Cam preps or newbie with his thumb andplugs so not to ruin it for all cock to follow. Fuck if she does not look hot AS FUCK with her assin the air, a jewel but plug up her ass and her pussy lips quivering as the Hitachi vibrates her to a#3 Orgasm. By this time Cam has to get involved by gets right to it and puts his cock in herwaiting mouth. You know that I then spread her legs wide and put the Hitachi on her waiting clitand tickled that pussy to another Orgasm, #4. Next it's onto fucking that sweet fuck hole. Ofcourse we tell her to keep that butt plug up her ass the whole time and after Cam fucks her realgood he makes her suck her pussy juice off his cock while the Hitachi bought her to anotherOrgasm, #5. Now it's time to prep that asshole more and get it ready for a stiff cock so Camreplaces the jewel with a larger glass plug. It's a little big for Joey but push through the pain and it will feel better. Here is another Orgasm! #6! Now once we switch plugs to even larger sizes, you can tell Joey has a tight asshole. The way it pops out of her ass is a sight to behold. Youknow that Cam is just dying to enter that asshole at this point and he gets right to it! He fucks herin missionary, then doggy, and of course he ATMs her. Making her taste her ass is exactly whatwe make our first timers do here, and you bet we make Joey do all the nasty and perverted thingswe can think of. Sucking his cock? Check. Making her lick his ass for the first time? Check & check. Actually Joey will tell you now she really loves rimming, go figure. We made Joey thewhore she is god damn it, and of course she had another Orgasm with the Hitachi as she rimmedCam, #7. Now if you though it was a sexfest up until now, we are not done yet. Cam fucks ournewbie in modified reverse cowgirl, Joey's favorite position, then reverse. What a fucking special girl!!! Oh it ends in a facial BTW and she gets quite the load from our stud. I just love the way cum drips from her face as she explains how the shoot went. Fuck if this scene was not epic and in my opinion better than the 4 way with her sister, but that's my opinion. Just watch it and get off.

4 weeks ago