Emily in Doc makes shy exotic manager squirt

This evening, after a very nice day at work, Doc decided to visit his favorite barbershop in order to freshen up the haircut and tweak his bear. He was greeted at the door by a new manager who turned out to be a very attractive girl. She said that his barber was sick while the others were busy. Girl served Doc with a cup of delicious coffee and went to clarify the waiting time. Unfortunately, the waiting time would be several hours. Doc finished his coffee, had a nice chat with this charming girl whose name was Emily and decided not to wait. He gave gal his business card and left the place hoping that Emily's curiosity will prevail and she will find out about Doc's real occupation. Damn he was right! The girl could hardly wait till evening and went online in order to check Doc's site. Her astonishment and excitement were boundless, she spent the entire evening at the computer and finally decided to attend the session with Doc who was very happy to hear her on the phone before setting up their meeting. Emily received many vivid emotions and orgasms! She squirted for the first time though previously she couldn't have imagined what it was like. In the end, completely satisfied Emily was already fantasizing about a new meeting with Doc.

1 month ago