Roses are red and violets are blue’ is how the sweet innocent phase goes I believe but I’ve got a better one for you and here’s how it goes. ‘Her lips are red and her eyes are blue, give this hot Milf some attention and those red DSL’s that could suck a golf ball threw a garden hose will suck you dry as she gazes at you with her deep blue eyes as you cover her face in man seed.’ Very romantic I agree and ok ok ok I get it and know that’s not exactly a poem but it is exactly what she did with Alex Mack today for one hell of a hot scene. This woman is gorgeous and you can tell she loves sex and everything that cums along with it. Adventurous? Well she likes impact play, and for all you vanillas out there that’s getting hit fucking hard so it leaves a mark or bruises hard so I’m guessing she’s into some kinky shit. Sorry to not live up to the expectations honey but we don’t do impact play here but what we do is give women like yourself some of the best sex of their lives with a multitude of orgasms to boot accompanied by a handful of sexual firsts. So what did our big tittied Milf do for the first time today you ask? Well she had more orgasms in one fuck session then every before and squirted for the very first time ever. That’s an accomplishment when we hear that guys normally can’t make her cum. But what this hot Milf and her magical pussy can do is make guys cum early and that almost happened to Alex as he explains, “This never happens, NEVER!” Well it almost did today and you’ll all see why because this girl can fuck. So enjoy Bella everyone because Alex sure as fuck did. Steve

3 months ago