Kerry Bradshow in Seeking Pleasure 2

Seeking pleasure in Kiev, stunning blonde Kerry Bradshow has a date with her candles. She’s sitting naked in a long, deep bathtub in a luxurious bathroom, sipping a glass of red wine. Teasingly, she massages her perky, beautiful breasts. Next, she takes a dark red candle and drizzles melted wax over her rack, squealing and wincing as the hot stream hits her skin and hardens. To take the edge off the stinging sensation, she wets her hands and caresses her globes again, tweaking her nipples. Now she’s got her kink on, she drips more wax on her flat belly and shaved pussy, bucking as it hits, then soothes herself with a splash of water. One hand slides between her thighs and she begins to masturbate, body squirming and arching, increasingly responsive. The camera moves down as she frigs herself furiously, lingering on her pierced, wax-spattered navel. Next, she’s on her knees, flaunting a firm, peachy bubble-butt in contrast to her slender waist. She pours hot wax on one cheek – it splashes red against the pale, tanlined skin – then she reaches down to tease her pussy again, moaning and sighing as she nears orgasm. Finally, she perches on the end of the tub, thighs splayed as she grinds manicured fingertips in her slit. She grabs the red candle again, and pours hot wax over her tits as her hand continues to pound her pussy. The delicious burn helps to tip her over the edge and she strums herself to an intense cum. Satisfied, she relaxes in the tub, sipping the last few drops of her wine as she enjoys the afterglow by candlelight...

7 months ago