Victoria Lobov in Victoria's Secret Sex Fantasies

One of fantastic fox Victoria Lobov's fantasies is to get studded by a young, hung guy. Playing out her sexual fantasies in porn lets the blonde babe enjoy a variety of no-strings-attached experiences including anal and double penetration. Her beauty, her slim and busty body and her many other sexy qualities have propelled Victoria to top-rated model status. She's married to a generous SCORE reader who encouraged her. In this fantasy, Victoria walks around the house looking for her son Jimmy. She's wearing a tight, low-cut top, a tight skirt and sky-high heels. No flannel nightgown and fuzzy slippers for this hot mom. Never. Victoria spots Jimmy's friend Conor at the pool. She stares at him for awhile, rubbing her breasts and pussy, getting worked up, then walks outside to ask him if he knows where Jimmy is (he's gone to buy beer). Victoria asks him if he wants to go for a swim. He says he didn't bring a swimming suit. Victoria tells him to come inside so she can find one for him. In Jimmy's room, Victoria tells Conor to get his pants off so he can try on a suit and when he does, she sees his dick hanging out of his briefs. All part of Victoria's plan to see if he measures up to her specifications. He does. Conor is nervous that his buddy will be home soon but that doesn't worry Victoria. Victoria's top is designed to allow easy access to her big tits and when he sees how busty Victoria is and how inviting she is, he sucks and fondles her boobs while her soft hand pumps his cock to hardness. Victoria drops to her knees to give him the blow job of his dreams. Conor undresses her and they fall into bed. The first thing he wants to do is straddle Victoria and fuck this beautiful lady's tits. Her fantasy comes true again.

1 month ago