Cat in CAT 258

Let's hear it for the cute girls, or in this case Cat, our cutie sorority girl from Arizona. She's the athletic type with a tight little body she got from doing gymnastics and she definitely knows how to use it. She joined us on a spur of the moment thing, you're only young once and she wants to try it all and there's no better teacher than TC to show her the ropes. She was a little nervous at first but it doesn't take long before she's on her knees doing her favorite thing, sucking cock. And by TC's reaction once she starts sucking him off, we believe her! We were pretty sure TC liked Cat right away as the fucking starts before the clothes come off. The most orgasms she's had at one time is three, which TC takes as a challenge and gets right on it diving into her tasty little twat. Fans of oral action are going to like this one, all we can say is this girls has got skills! And when you combine her petite little body with TC's prodigious manhood, you get one heck of a tight fit, not that anyone is complaining. If she wanted experience, she got it as TC gives her an advanced course in taking cock. Her favorite position is doggy and you can tell, once TC grabs her hair then the fireworks really start and don't end until he gives a huge facial for the finale. It's Cat's first time being covered in cum, and somehow we don't think it will be the last. Class is over, and this one gets an A.

1 month ago