Larissa Linn in House of Correction For Busty Girls

The beautiful Larissa Linn wants to show us her secret place. "My dirty secret place," says Larissa, her gorgeous lips forming a sinister smile. "This is my playroom." This is quite a playpen that Larissa is spending time in. Any guy would be happy to while away the evening here with her. Miss Linn is dressed up like Super Dominatrix with a wicked-looking spiked arm band, a corset that her big tits are spilling out of, garters, torn nylons and black high-heeled pumps. This colorful basement prison is not for the nervous type. All kinds of female correction take place here. This is where they learn the ropes. This is where Larissa goes to pleasure her nipples and pussy and oil up her spectacular body when she's not busy doing...other things. The corset is too confining. It has to come off. Now, only the sounds of Larissa's heavy breathing, purrs and moans are heard.

1 week ago