Fuck)Aidra Fox in Aidra Fox Has An Asshole That Never Gets Enough

Welcome to another episode of anal destruction, featuring James Deen and Aidra Fox’s ass hole. An unholy combination but certainly entertaining. Gather ‘round and we’ll start. Without no further fucking intros, this starts off with Aidra already sniffing around the crotch of James, the camera guy. With this nice chick begging to get some attention, James pulls out his dick and let her do what she wants. Aidra now licks every bit of his dick with a great smile in her face. But knowing James, licking is kind of understatement. This was proven right when gagging noises start to cloud the atmosphere. After that, James now takes over of the situation. He starts handling Aidra less of a person. This shows when he handles her by the neck while kissing and running his fingers in every part of her body. After the introductory roughness, Aidra goes back in on sucking his dick. James now bends over Aidra while standing up. He went straight into fucking that nice ass of Aidra. He pauses for a while to make Aidra suck his dick again but this time, a little more rougher than before. James dragged Aidra again to bend over to resume fucking this slut. At some point, he sits down and let Aidra sit on his cock. She goes up and down like she’s playing on a trampoline. She sneaks in some rubbing to have some more pleasure. It didn’t take a while for James to make Aidra bend over again. Bending over from the couch to the floor, James didn’t let the fucking go stale. He went at it with all he have in every moment of it. He dragged her ass to the couch before the end. He fucks that ass with all his remaining stamina while still handling her rough. Once he reached his end, he spreads his cum in her mouth for proper disposal.

1 month ago