Mariah in MARIAH 322

Mariah is both smart AND beautiful. Italian+Black, no wonder she looks delicious. She used to go to college to become a Radiation Therapist, took a break...and now decided to give it a shot in porn. Why porn? She likes it personally, and she says she loves to masturbate to porn to cum. Which happens a couple of times a week. One wonders why a nearly perfect honey like that doesn't have a regular fuckbuddy. Or maybe she does but she's too shy to talk about it. At 24, Mariah is quite a bit more discrete and mindful about what she says on camera. But fear not, she'll reveal plenty of hot personal stuff during her interviews. Before we get to the talking though, TC sneaks in as Mariah is taking a shower. Not the first time he's pulled this in the last few updates but we just love the genuine surprise reactions we get from the girls when he does it. Mariah was obviously not expecting this pre-shoot surprise. Neither was she expecting that she'd be sucking and then fucking his cock about 3 seconds later, with the hot shower still running. So after the fun BTS start, watching her choose her sexy outfit, and the interview, TC introduces Mariah to what quite possibly will become her best friend - The Wand, a "massager" (LOL!) that's so powerful, it has to be plugged in. The design has been around for 30 plus years so you're probably familiar with it. But watching a girl get her ultra strong orgasms with it never gets old. And Mariah's first orgasm today is unbelievably hot. Legs kicking and shaking, toes curling, body quivering, everything. Absolutely hot. From there, TC takes Mariah in lots of different positions (some examples below), makes her cum several times, and overall enjoys what newcomer Mariah has to offer, sexually. And it's a lot! He ends up shooting his cum load into our unsuspecting Cali coed, to which she simply remarks how warm it feels. Hot! By the time you see this video, she's already gone on to do more shoots for other adult sites. That's because lately ExCoGi has been shooting SO MANY FRICKEN GIRLS waaaay ahead of time. In fact, in addition to today's shot (her FIRST porn shoot!), she's already come back to us to get properly ass-fucked by TC. Another super hot scene. After those 2 movies, Mariah left for Florida or wherever they shoot for those big mainstream porn networks, and fucked lawd knows how many cocks. So enjoy Mariah's porn virginity, nervousness, and adorably down-to-earth attitude in her ExCoGi videos because next time you see her she's probably going to be fucking some jackass on a beach or in a fake club somewhere while thinking about which pair of shoes she will buy next with that new pornstar money.

1 month ago