Ria Sakuragi in Wall Flower

Ria is one of those girls who prefers the video camera to the still camera. She likes to keep moving. She also mashes and squeezes her soft, pliable tits a lot. Ria started as an AV (video) model, so that explains her desire for constant motion. She says she gets antsy when she has to hold still for a photo. She would rather keep playing with her boobs and other girl parts. In this video, Ria can't keep her hands off her tits. This is a good thing. Ria is one of the thinnest SCORE Girls and that makes her boobs look even bigger. She has trouble finding bras and usually needs a fitting because her back is so thin. If you think that Ria spends several evenings a week doing karaoke with her model girlfriends, you pretty much have her pegged. Nothing can tear her away from her social life with her girls.

1 month ago