Nikki in NIKKI 219

24 year old Nikki has (luke warm) pornstar ambitions. Today is her very first "boy-girl" scene - a little late in the game but let's see how it pans out. If this isn't the start of a great pornstar career, at least she's getting some meatstick lovin', something she sorely needs. It's been a month since she got some so either way, today is a good day for her. During her interview we learn that she has surprisingly little sexual experience for a 24 year old. Kinda nice to not have an all-out superwhore on the bed for a change. But if she's really interested in making fucking her bread and butter, she better start practicing her "craft". Luckily for her, cocklord TC is here to help. She did already master the all important "look-into-the-camera-at-all-times" pornstar skill. In all honesty, it's a bit much. We've never seen a girl look into the camera so damn much. We're not quite sure if she's looking at herself in the reversed camcorder screen, or really believes her job is to look into the lens at all times. Oh it's hot, especially when TC fucks our tiny five foot blonde in his ...ummm...vigorous style. You can see her facial expressions, and there's no doubt what she enjoys and what she'd rather get over with. Hint: there ain't much of the latter, Nikki loves the D. Spoiler Alert! There's a creampie. A juicy, big wad of cum shot directly into Nikki's womb, then slowly dripping back out. It's all captured by 3 cameras, and we replay the best angles in slo-mo so you don't miss a thing. Creampie fans will love it. And so did Nikki because she BEGS TC to cum inside her. Very hot. Unfortunately she's not on birth control (sneaky girl...) but what can ya do, right? Morning After pill, that's what ya can do. We might have Nikki back to really explore that anal a lot more. TC did get a toy inside her forbidden hole in the beginning but she wasn't quite having more than that. We kinda sorta want watch this tiny blonde get ass fucked by TC's big 'un. Let us know via the Feedback function in the members area if you agree.

6 months ago