Abrielle in ABRIELLE 191

With tits like hers, do you really need a scene description? Sure you do. It's ECG tradition. OK so here goes - at 24, Abrielle is a tad older than most of the sexy ladies that stop by at the ExCoGi offices (ok, cheapest hotel room available that day) to get dicked by our cockmeisters. We hope those tits, super feminine features (OMG them DSLs, right? If you're under 30, look up what that means), and cock enthusiasm make up for that. In real life, Abrielle is a card dealer at a Casino in Las Vegas. But she loves animals and wants to go back to school to eventually become a vegetarian. No wait...Veterinarian. The helping animals thing, not the eating them thing. In all seriousness, that alone shows that she's truly good-hearted by nature, and we like that. A lot. She's never done a full-fledged boy-girl scene before so she's excited to show her sex skillz on camera for the first time. So are we and obviously so is TC. In fact, after a few moments of fairly banal interview questions in the car, TC steers the topic towards roadhead and then sex in the car. Not surprisingly, Abrielle has done both before with ex boyfriends, so it doesn't take too much arm twisting to get her to suck TC's cock in the car, and then fuck him in the cowgirl position on the backseat of his fancy SUV. It's sexy and hot but the best part is watching Abrielle's pussy cream up in real time as she rides him. She's not kidding when she says she is excited for her first time, and it shows. TC makes Abrielle lick up her own pussy cum from his cock, and off they go into the official scene". The flow is as usual - interview, naked time (Again- those boobs, wow!), toys (a first for her), more BJ, some light deep throat, and then a bunch of positions until TC can't hold in anymore and blasts a massive load of cum over Abrielle's face. Describing all these sex scenes in details is a drag. If you've been with ExCoGi for a while you know that it's complex and that the best part - her orgasms, facial expressions, "holy crap, what am I doing??" moments, etc, can't be described but must be watched. So watch right now on your favorite fap-friendly device, or download Abrielle's HD or SD videos to your computer and enjoy!

6 months ago