Cristin in Stimulation 2

A chain leash is secured with a small padlock to the ornate metal headboard of a bed. This is connected to a collar, fastened around the neck of Cristin, a brown-eyed brunette from Ukraine. Runway-model tall, with a body and face to match, she is dressed in burgundy-lace lingerie, a sheer, burgundy robe and leather wrist cuffs. Her hair is loose and her face is free of make-up. She runs her hands up and down the chain, confirming that there is no possibility of escape. Kneeling on the bed, she discards the robe and strokes herself through her lingerie. She removes her bra to reveal small, perfect natural breasts. Then she takes off her panties to expose her shaved pussy. Nipple clamps are attached to the cuffs with fine chains, and Cristin clips these onto her stiff nubs, smiling as she feels them pinch. Sprawling back on the bed, she begins to tease her slit with neat, unpainted fingertips, stroking and stretching her lips and circling her clit. She moans with pleasure as her juices begin to flow, and splays her long, slender legs wide open. Next, she kneels on the sheets doggy-style, flaunting her bare feet and the tight pucker of her asshole as she reaches down in between her thighs to continue frigging her swollen pink. As she rocks back and forth on the bed, her cries become more urgent and her face twists in pleasure. She sits on the bed again and her fingers spread her juices all over her hairless crotch – and, with the nipple clamps removed, her free hand tugs and squeezes her breasts. As she approaches orgasm, she clings to the chain leash at her throat, then caresses her breasts again as she takes herself over the brink. Virtually sobbing with pleasure she cums, spasms shaking her entire body. As the picture fades we see the padlock key lying on the covers near the corner of the bed – Cristin could free herself at any time but instead, she chooses to ignore it completely...

7 months ago