Teressa in Self Arousal 2

Gorgeous brunette Teressa is hanging out in her retro-chic apartment at sundown. Pretty, with a super-cute, gap-toothed smile, she is dressed for horny fun – in a black, vintage-style garter belt with wide straps, tan stockings, ribbon choker, and knee-high leather boots with metallic spike heels. Her hair is caught up in a ponytail and her makeup is sexy but understated. She is already topless and caressing her firm, perfect breasts, pinching and pulling on her hard nipples. Seductively, she sucks on her manicured fingers, which are painted neon orange, adding an edgy touch to her classic look. She traces them over her tits then trails them down to tease her crotch. She snaps her garter straps against her rounded ass, then rubs her cheeks. Next, she positions two armchairs opposite each other and rests one knee on each, straddling the gap between them as she rubs her clit. Soon she is moaning with pleasure. Pausing to pace herself, she swishes her hair and gyrates her beautiful curvy body. Then she gives her shaved, fleshy-lipped pussy more attention, splaying it before sitting in one of the chairs, legs spread wide and knees hooked over the arms. She switches between frigging her pussy and clit until her snatch is slurping wet around her fingers. However, this isn’t enough to satisfy her as next, we see her stroking and sucking on a large black vibrator with a clit-tickler. After drenching it in saliva, she gives her slit another rub to make sure it’s oozing-wet, then she eases the toy inside, swirling it in her pussy and playing the tickler against her swollen nub. Head thrown back, she is lost in bliss as she screws herself with the vibe, then she pulls it out to lick and suck the juices off of it. She resumes plowing her snatch, moaning with pleasure as she comes closer to orgasm, heels drawn up to her ass cheeks. Another pause, so she can suck on the toy again, dangling it over her mouth as her fingers rest on her tender pussy. Then, after giving her nipples a little teasing buzz with the vibe, she plunges it back inside, alternating between it and her fingers. Soon, she’s playing for keeps, using the vibrator on its most powerful setting. Whimpering, she cums and slams her thighs hard together, clamping her hand and the toy in place. She works it against her slit until she can’t cum anymore, then sprawls back in her chair to bask in post-orgasmic pleasure, stretching her leg high in the air as she caresses the soft, smooth leather of her boot…

7 months ago