Lola Ash in The Road To Home 2

Hot brunette Lola Ash is walking home along a dusty backroad, carrying her college books. She’s rocking a cute and sassy preppy look, in a black pleated skirt, white frilled blouse, cropped blue cardigan, white knee-socks and white sneakers with red laces. She is also wearing glasses and her hair is braided into tight pigtails – however, glimpses of her alternative hipster style, including tattoos and septum and labret piercings, are visible. She approaches a derelict building, possibly an old factory, and decides to investigate. The doors and windows are gone, so it’s just walls and a roof, the floors strewn with rubble. As she cautiously makes her way inside, she pulls a small riding crop out her waistband and taps it against her thigh, hitching up her skirt to flash her white polka-dot panties. Next, she walks over to a pile of rubble – large slabs of concrete from collapsed walls – and rests one foot on it, exposing a tan thigh. She teases herself with the whip, pulls her panties high into her crack and kneads and spanks her own rounded ass-cheeks. One hand slips between her thighs to rub her pussy through her panty-crotch and she humps and lunges against it. She lies down on a flat concrete slab, flips up her skirt and splays her legs wide, using fingers and the whip handle to masturbate through her panties, the cotton clinging to the contours of her pussy lips. She pulls the crotch aside to reveal her shaved, fleshy snatch with a little trimmed landing strip on her mound – then her manicured fingers get to work in her moist slit. As her pleasure increases, she whips her inner thighs hard enough to leave pink welts. This provokes moans then cries of pleasure and she peels off her underwear. Getting on all fours with her firm ass in the air, she hand-spanks her cheeks again, then fingers herself. She sucks on the whip handle like a cock then uses it as a dildo, grinding it against her slit then pumping and stirring it inside of her pussy. As she approaches orgasm, she lies on her back, bucking her ass up off of the rough concrete, then moaning as she cums hard, whipping her thighs to maximize the sensation. As she drifts back down to earth, she caresses herself more gently. Then, suddenly self-conscious, she glances around and dusts herself down. Before she leaves, she puts her panties back on, then continues on her way.

11 months ago