Spencer Scott in Greedy Creampies: With Her Husband's Blessing

Tyrone Love leads his wife Spencer Scott into their master bedroom. She is wearing a blindfold, and giggles with anticipation as Tyrone explains that he got her a gift. It's a very special gift, Tyrone says- something that will give her the future she has always desired. Tyrone removes her blindfold to reveal that the gift is actually his best friend, Seth Gamble.Spencer is shocked and confused- how could Seth be the gift? Tyrone explains that since he is infertile, and he deeply desires Spencer to be happy, he wants to give her his blessing to have sex with Seth for her to become pregnant. If they do this, they can start the family they've always wanted to have. Seth is happy to help his best friend in his time of need, and to make things easier, suggests that Spencer keep the blindfold on so that she can imagine it's her husband there instead of him. Tyrone leaves them alone, thanking Seth for performing this great deed.Spencer puts her blindfold back on and starts kissing Seth as he rubs her body over her clothes. He lowers her top and removes her bra, sucking on her plump breasts as she moans with delight. Seth then removes her skirt and panties, bends her gently over the bed, and starts eating her out from behind. Spencer flips onto her back, spreading her legs and allowing Seth to continue giving her cunnilingus. Spencer wants to return the favor, getting on her knees as she sucks Seth's cock while he stands over her.With her blindfold still on, Spencer gets into a doggystyle position on the bed and lets Seth enter her. He fucks her deeply, and then he lies on his back so that Spencer can climb on top of him and ride him in cowgirl. Seth then fucks her in a spooning position, giving her an incredible orgasm. At this point, Spencer wants to see the man who is giving her so much pleasure. She rips the blindfold off and lets Seth fuck her in missionary as they stare into each other's eyes. Spencer gets back on her knees to suck Seth off, and then he lifts her for some standing doggystyle. They then get back on the bed and 69, finishing with missionary sex that ends in a creampie.Thanks to Seth, Tyrone and Spencer will now be blessed with a family, and they'll never forget this special night when their great friend stepped up to the plate to make their dreams come true.

11 months ago