Natalie in NATALIE 232016

New girl...and a new guy! Who is Kyle? Doesn't matter, he's only banging one or two of our hotties and that's that. Probably. Depends if you like him. For this shoot we got none other than ECG founder and porn pioneer Steve assist newbie Kyle with this shoot. And it's a good thing too because today's girls is so hot and awesome, she deserves to be captured with the naughtiest camera angles and best lighting one can manage to rig together on the low-down in a hotel room. First off, Natalie is pretty much perfect except for 1 thing we'll get into in a minute. She's smiley, SUPER sexual, very naughty, loves cock, loves to masturbate, and turns up the pornstar volume like nobody's business (ok the latter isn't everyone's cup of tea but we didn't dare to tell her to tone it down - she really seems to get off on acting like the world's biggest pornstar). Natalie's boob are in-fucking-credible. Big. Round. Firm. REAL! Perfect. The whole package is amazing. Natalie is only 5 foot tiny, and weighs less than your breakfast this morning. But she fucks like a goddess. I think our new boy Kyle is quite intimidated but he does great work keeping hard and fucking Natalie harder for a looooong time. The Bj/gagging/deep-throating alone is more intense and longer than what we've seen in a long time here. We think you'll love this as much as we did. We got toys, anal toys, anal AND pussy toys at the same time, and - after Natalie's request (!), gagging and deep-throating, we got tons of super hot positions that Natalie gets off in. Natalie's first shoot ends with one of the most massive cum facials we've seen in a long time. Great work Kyle! The one thing we don't see is actual anal. Like, cock in ass-anal. This is weird because during the interview Natalie can't shut up about how much she likes to get assfucked. But after stretching her glorious butt with toys, and fingers, she suddenly cramps up when she realizes Kyle is going to try to stick his massive cock inside her naughty hole. Watch her reaction when he goes in for the kill with his finger as she's riding him... So what's next with Natalie? No idea. She's pretty much made to be a pornstar. A little on the over-acting side maybe. We don't know but suspect she's been doing cam shows maybe. Will we see her somewhere else sometime soon? Help us keep track of her because we're terrible at this. As soon as a girl is done, we have to move on the next one so we don't really have time to stalk a girl's next career choices. But if she isn't running to one of the big porn sites soon, and you guys like her (oh you better!), maybe we can have her back for some anal or threeway or something. Sounds good?

12 months ago