Kate England in Kate England Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten

James Deen invites another beauty to have some close up interview and pussy eating. This time, it’s Kate England. You might be familiar with this chick. But if you’re not, this is the chance to know her and her pussy a little better. James straight out says that the topic for the day is orgasms. She straight say that she loves oral. There’s really no point in hiding. Kate also says that she uses a variety of tools, mainly vibrators and her hands to get herself off. But when asked about the oral, she gives some specific preference on that topic. Kate shares what her most sensitive parts of her cunt. If you might see her and have a chance at her in the future, you might want to see this. About her preference of the genders who go down on her, she said that’s she’s okay with both. But there are times that she prefers women because they know their way around the fur burger. Apparently, Kate has capability to make herself cum in literally 5-20 seconds. This puts a lot of pressure to James, to be honest. Moving on, James asks about her memorable orgasms. Kate said that its definitely memorable but its also not that good at the same time. It’s the time where she squirted for the first time. Said that it’s terrible for her because it was too intense but she likes the way it looks. “Cool like a waterfall”, she described. And James just followed it shortly by saying “stop chasing waterfalls” as a way to comfort her. What a nice guy, Then the scene fades to black. When it comes back on again, you’ll now see Kate having some great time having her pussy licked clean. Putting what he learned earlier, James now puts all his efforts and genius to make this woman cum with just eating her out.

11 months ago