Scarlet Rebel in SCARLETT 92016

Scarlett definitely looks like a porn star and underneath her tattoo collection she's got the body of one, as well. From her perfect ass to her big, bouncy C cups to her dick sucking lips, she's an awesome sight when she strips off her clothes. Heck, she's awesome even before she strips off her clothes as Jay pulls her into the hall for a little public blowjob action and she doesn't even hesitate. Scarlett is somewhat rare for Ex Co Gi. While we always strive to find girls with a magnificent pair of tits and an enthusiasm for blowjobs, having more tattoos than a sailor and more piercings than a pin cushion are a little unusual. Jay seems to like them, though, and that's always important for a great shoot. Another important ingredient for a great shoot is a girl who is comfortable with her sexuality and gets turned on by showing it off. Scarlett is definitely that girl. When Jay takes her to the hallway of the hotel for a little exhibitionism her pussy is soaked after the barest few minutes of sucking Jay's cock where they could get caught. They slip back into the room and things start for real. Scarlett admits to being in the middle of a bit of a dry spell sexually, but Jay cures that quickly. He has her strip and show off her amazing body, her body art and, of course, her rack and then he gets to work with his fingers and toys and Scarlett's already wet pussy responds. Before things get too far he has her get to her knees to show off more of her blowjob skills. After making her work for it, Jay gives her the dick she's been craving and gets her deep from all of his favorite angles while mixing in a little rough stuff as requested by Scarlett. While she admits to really liking the feeling of being manhandled, Jay only pushes things as far as he legally can on film. She helps Jay to a big finish by dropping to her knees and coaxing a huge, gooey load from him with her amazing beej skills. Jay's amazing aim help him coat her entire face and even fire a spurt up her nose. Maybe this girl is a porn star to be, Scarlett is actually quite impressed by the facial and seems pleased to have caught all of it!

11 months ago