Victoria in VICTORIA262015

Victoria's write up should really consist of four phrases: natural D cups, perfect bubble butt, no gag reflex, likes anal. And...boom goes the dynamite - what else do we need to say about this sexy twenty-something Texas tornado? She is all around sexy with amazing natural curves, BJ skills that are beyond compare and a positive attitude that makes her a real treat. Maybe we make too much of a girl's attitude, but when we meet a down to earth hottie like Victoria who has a body so amazing that she COULD go through life being a huge bitch and she turns out to be a sexy, try anything sweetheart, well that's an amazing thing. Now, we're not saying that Vic is a unicorn but she checks 9 out of the 10 boxes on the unicorn worksheet. Anyway, back to the good stuff. Jay starts this one off fast when he demands Victoria drop to her knees and start sucking to prove her contention that she has no gag reflex. Turns out her BJ skills are as good as she brags, she swallows Jay's business to the base with no hesitation. This girl knows her way around a dick. Things eventually get back on track and moved over to the bed. Jay asks a few more questions, but it's clear that our man wants to get started, Victoria's body beckons. When she strips out of her adorable matching bra and panty combo and unleashes her perky D's things heat up quickly. A little bit of Jay's expert finger banging and she's squirming to her first orgasm. After Victoria gets off, Jay has her put that fine ass in the air so he can attempt some anal and while he technically gets there, Vic isn't very comfortable so he relents and switches to her pussy for some serious pounding and another orgasm. From there Jay maneuvers her onto her back where he fucks her pussy as she rubs her clit furiously. After a bit more pounding, including some really intense reverse cowgirl, Victoria gets to her knees for a reluctant facial. Which is odd. You'd think as a country girl she's had worse things splattered on her than a few squirts of Jay jizz.

12 months ago