Liz Rainbow in Day Starter 2

Cute Liz Rainbow lives in a mountaintop village but she rocks an alternative mermaid look, with long, blue-colored hair, matching manicure and pedicure, and tattoos. Her makeup is pretty pastel pink with a pearly blue shimmer. We find her naked and taking a shower, soaping small breasts with puffy nipples, a toned ass and shaved pussy. As she rinses away the foam, fingers caressing every curve and crevice of her beautiful body, she begins to feel horny. Fortunately, she is well prepared – there is a huge, realistic-looking dildo stuck to the tile wall. As she sits on her haunches in her bathtub, it is at face level, so she licks and sucks the bulbous head, cramming it into her mouth as she grasps and jacks the length and massages the heavy balls. The mock-cock is so long and thick, the tips of her fingers don’t even come close to touching as she wraps them around its girth, and she’s able to work it with both hands simultaneously. When she lets it slide out her mouth so she can take a breath, threads of drool stretch between the tip and her tongue – she uses these to lube the shaft. After a while spent going down on the dildo, gagging as she takes it deep, she stands up and eases it inside of her pussy. The sucker at the base holds it firmly in position as Liz takes it from behind, grinding up against it. Then she spins around, face pressed against the wall as she humps it. The shaft is flexible but enormous, and she is up to the challenge of taking it any which way. Next, she sticks it to the base of the tub so she can straddle and ride it, hips rocking as she squats over it. Her hand guides the thick-veined shaft into her snatch and her tits quiver, nipples stiff. She slides it to the back of the tub and screws it doggy style, cute butt cheeks on display as the dildo stretches her wide open. All the while, she moans and whimpers with pleasure. At last, she sprawls back in the tub with one hand pushing almost the entire length into her pussy as the other trains the shower spray on her clit. Her expression is one of pure delight as she screws herself harder and faster, now so very close to cumming. One hand cups a breast, then she drops the showerhead so she can use both hands to pound the dildo in and out. By the time her orgasm hits she is utterly lost in ecstasy. When she is finally done cumming, she withdraws the giant cock, letting it slide out of her grasp. Then she lies back to relish the sensation of the water gently spraying her body…

12 months ago