Fuck)Ivy Lebelle in Ivy Lebelle Daddy's Anal Whore

Apparently, Ivy Lebelle is so tired of lip service about her beauty. No words can make her cum after all. Best way to do it is through words. Good thing we have James Deen in the scene to have those action speak louder the words. Or in this case, moan louder than words Ivy goes around the room to show off his nice body. Slowly undressing herself reveals a nice pair of round tits and awesome tattoos. Now that the showcasing is over, James Deen appears and definitely didn’t start gently. He grabs Ivy by the neck and pushes her against glass wall. After playing with her for a while, he now pulls out his fat dick. Ivy kneels down before his glory and he shoves his fat one into her mouth. He was enough to hold back her hair but that doesn’t save her from gagging with his dick. When he’s done, he pushes Ivy against the wall again and starts focusing on her ass hole. After some good finger fucking and ass eating, he stands up and proceeds to anal-ize Ivy. She lifts one leg to the side for some comfort. They move over to the couch for some show and tell. Once they’re done, James sits down and made Ivy ride his dick to her pace. James didn’t forget to let her feel that she’s needed by holding her by the throat. After that, he placed Ivy on the floor and continued fucking her from above. James nears his end. He now asked Ivy to lie down on the couch. He fucked her ass with his remaining strength and flips her over halfway. When he’s actually done, he deposits his milky cum deep into Ivy. Even after all she experienced, Ivy was able to hold a smile to show to the world that actions spoke louder this time indeed.

5 months ago