Alice Wayne, Kira Queen in The Pick Up Episode 2 - Hitchhiker

Cute hitchhiker Alice Wayne gets a ride from stunning Kira Queen, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s erotic series "The Pick Up" begins. The gorgeous girls become so flirtatious with each other during the journey that Kira pulls over so they can get more intimately acquainted. They start to kiss and fondle each other’s huge natural breasts, Kira sitting on the hood of the car and sucking Alice’s stiff nipples. Alice pulls Kira’s dress down to bare her perfect tits, and rubs her pussy through her panties, then tugs them aside and kneels to lick her sexy shaved pussy. The pigtailed babe gazes up at Kira to watch her reaction as she eats her pussy, licking and stroking her clit delicately, then sucking harder. They switch places, Kira bending Alice over the hood of the car, pulling down her tight white panties, and frigging her shaved pussy from behind. Alice lets out tiny whimpers of satisfaction, which turn to moans of pure lust when Kira starts tongue drilling her from the rear, circling the tip of her tongue against her labia and dipping it deep inside her juicy slit until she orgasms. The freckled sweetheart drops to her knees to eat Kira’s pussy again, and soon has her panting breathlessly, mouth agape and eyes closed, in the grip of an intense climax. It’s a wild ride that neither driver nor passenger will ever forget.

6 months ago