Melony in MELONY192015

What happens when freckly fox Melony and she of the indestructible anus, ass queen Kylie get booked for the same shoot? Porn, obviously! Great Ex Co Gi style high definition, multi-camera angle porn where Melony and her creamy pussy and Kylie and her tight brown eye compete for attention from Jay's cock (and the camera!) Before the porn, of course, there's talking. Lots of talking. Just some innocent girl talk about getting ass fucked and deciding who has a prettier pussy, typical sleepover stuff, we assume. We did our best to edit out most of the pointless jabber, but some of it happens when there's some great action on screen, so power through it. And you'll want to keep the sound on because in between the pointless stuff, Kylie is just as liable as ever to drop something utterly filthy and you'll want to hear it. Anyway, we don't need to sell this one too hard. We've got two pretty girls making out, eating each other out and then getting fucked in both the front door (Melony) and the back door (Kylie) by our man Jay. In an update full of great images, though, be sure to stay tuned all the way to the end to watch the two of them take a huge double facial and then take turns cleaning Jay's dick off with their tongues and then licking jizz off each other's face. It's truly magical stuff. Everyone at the office had to stop and take a moment when we saw the final product, we were that proud. Now it's all yours. Enjoy!

5 months ago