Elza A in Raw Pussy 2

Gorgeous blonde Elza A is cooking in her kitchen. Naked, with just an apron to protect her stunning body from stray splashes, she is tenderizing a steak, beating it with a spiked hammer then massaging the meat with French tip-manicured fingers. Handling it clearly makes her horny as next, she uses a cutting wheel to create a tight slit in the juicy flesh, then plows two fingers rhythmically in and out, pumping and circling them like she’s penetrating a wet pussy. Next, she tears off a chunk of the steak, licks it and rubs it over her face. Her apron is tied in a bow above her beautiful, bare ass and she unfastens the strings, leaving her naked. She glides the morsel of meat down the front of her body, over her perfect tits to her shaved pussy. She works it along her slit, soaking it with juices, breathing deeply as she relishes the sensation. Soon she has two fingers moving inside, as she rubs the meat against her clit. With one leg up on her kitchen sink and the steak in the crease between her thigh and hip, she fingerbangs her slurping-wet snatch even deeper, biting her lip in ecstasy. She gyrates so hard the meat falls to the floor and she joins it there, sprawling back on the rug as she continues to masturbate. With thighs splayed and one leg high in the air, she sinks her fingers in deeper than ever. Then, hand shaking, she frigs herself to a powerful orgasm, moans rising in pitch as she cums. She lies back, caressing herself, then rubs her clit to a second orgasm. Finally, she lounges on the floor, stretching and caressing her tall, lithe body...

6 months ago