Lynn in LYNN 92016

The editor's first thought when he saw Lynn's ID picture: it's The Hobbit! But turns out Lynn is actually hella cute and fun in the video. Maybe that weave is giving her too much of a Brian May look. Anyway, Lynn - awesome girl, really. She has a great, lean body toned by vigorous exercise - she runs marathons! - and pretty much perfect tits. A girl that wears a Fitbit to her first porn shoot is probably pretty dedicated to her health, and it shows. She's only been in long term relationships, and was raised by religious parents, so now she's really looking to make up for all that suppressed sexuality which usually means a great fuck session on ExCoGi. And sure enough, Lynn is up for anything. 5 minutes in the car and she gobbles down Jay's big 'un, but the highlight is when Jay makes her blow him in the fricking hotel elevator! And if that wasn't enough, he gets some more mouth action in the lobby, you know... the place where security cameras, and people, and stuff. Yes, these two are thrill seekers, for sure. We could describe all the sex acts and positions these two fuck bunnies perform for us on camera (well, 3 cameras, don't forget) but you can see some highlights if you scroll down a bit. There's rough sex, the aforementioned super risky public cock sucking, there are toys in her ass AND pussy, there's a ridiculously huge cumshot on her face and in her mouth. Lynn is pretty much up for anything. Even considered anal but...well, you'll see what happens. Why is Lynn here, besides her obvious love for cock? She wants to be a self-made business woman. Lynn is all about women empowerment and independence. How this relates to doing one porn scene we don't know, but presumably she means to do more porn in the future. Or maybe direct? Who knows. We guess the religious thing has something to do with it. Maybe she watched too much Oprah. Doesn't really matter though, we're just glad she's here. We love watching girls who are enthusiastic about sex, and Lynn doesn't fake her way through this scene either. You know when she likes something and when she doesn't. She's down to earth, unpretentious, and just super sexual. A great surprise update we didn't expect, with a girl a tad older than our usual barely legal trollops. Enjoy!

6 months ago