Elison G in Watch And Learn 2

For gorgeous tattooed babe Elison G, masturbation is a learning experience – she likes to discover new fetishes, and to explore what makes her cum. Today she is watching Nude Nylons 2 – a movie from TheLifeErotic.com, starring horny Ksenija A – and streaming it to her big-screen TV. The movie involves a pantyhose fetish, and Elison watches as, on screen, Ksenija, a pretty girl with blonde-streaked brunette hair, caresses herself through a sheer tan pair. Sprawled on her large couch in full makeup with her long, reddish-brown hair in a ponytail, Elison is dressed identically, in tan pantyhose and a white bra, and she follows and mimics every action she sees. She strokes her shaved pussy with neon-manicured fingertips and pulls the central seam tight against her slit. As it begins to fray, her clit pops out through the gap, and she follows Ksenija’s lead, ripping a hole to bare her entire crotch as she bends her knees and raises her legs. Next, comes a change of position, with both girls switching to doggy and Elison reaching back and watching over her shoulder – then she sucks on a finger and uses it to probe her tight asshole. This bold step is a departure from the movie action – Ksenija is still frigging her pussy as Elison lies back to continue playing with her butt and then slips a finger in her pussy for double-penetration. However, Elison's eyes remain on the screen and she moans and whimpers, humping her crotch against her hand as Ksenija approaches orgasm. Sitting directly in front of the TV again, Elison pounds her snatch and strums her clit furiously as she watches the other girl hit the brink. Then, switching between the movie and real-time action, we see first Ksenija and then Elison climax hard. The TV goes silent and we focus on Elison relishing the afterglow of her orgasm, squirming and caressing herself as the picture fades...

5 months ago