Cindy Behr, Darina, Roxy Taggart in An Orgy to Wake The Dead

Cindy is an arresting, big titted, blonde MILF, officiating over a funeral, when she decides, to get the mourners; Cindy, another foxy blonde, with more than ample breasts, Roxy, a very appealing, big boobed brunette, and a couple of studs, to drown their sorrows, with some wine, in order to help vacillate their succumbing, to her promiscuous overtures, made while lying upon the coffin, wantonly undressing, gyrating, and fondling herself, as she begs them, to join her. Unable to resist the pull, of her sexual magnetism, one stud is soon lavishly licking her pussy, eliciting her lecherous moans, while Cindy and Roxy, earnestly suck the other guy’s prodigious prick, with libidinous gusto and glee. Then, with their smoldering passions, set ablaze, and a third stud magically appearing, things quickly devolve, into the most, debauched, degenerate, and decadent wake, ever witnessed, as this trio of titanic titted, sexual sirens, revel, in having potent pricks, robustly pounded, into their voracious, bald cunts, and gluttonous mouths, in doggie, spoon, missionary, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl, in this obscenely, perverse jamboree, as they moan and cry out, in depraved exultation, which is only muffled, by their repeatedly licking each other’s quivering quims, or sucking slut juice, off of a virile cock, often while on the coffin. The guys finally send geysers of goo, raining down, into the mouths, and all over the faces, of these beguiling beauties. What a wake!

5 months ago