Suzie Carina, Katana, Ariel Piper Fawn in Ariel's Secret - Project 1 Katana

Asian cutie Katana lies naked on the bed, nervous, her eyes covered. She has no idea of the identity of the girl who straddles her and begins to touch her sensuously. But we know: this is "Ariel’s Secret," which sees legendary erotic model Ariel Piper Fawn comes out of retirement to fulfil a personal fantasy. Now the Producer for SexArt director Andrej Lupin, Ariel dreamed of this scenario for a long time before finally taking the plunge, and that powerful sexual tension is palpable in "Ariel’s Secret: Project 1 – Katana" as she skims her fingers delicately over Katana’s stiff nipples. But Ariel is not alone; she’s joined by another model, sexy Suzie Carina, who has also come out of retirement to help make Ariel’s dream a reality. Katana shivers with pleasure as two pairs of hands caress her sensitive skin. Suzie begins to kiss her as Ariel – beautiful breasts bared – spreads her legs and teases her wet pussy open. Katana gasps at the first swipe of Ariel’s tongue over her hot pink slit, moaning softly as her unknown lover eats her juiced up pussy. But the girls trade places, Ariel kissing Katana to give her a taste of her own sweetness, then sucking her diamond-hard nipples as Suzie licks her avidly. Ariel lends a hand, rubbing Katana’s clit as Suzie finger-bangs her. The masked lovers kiss as Katana bucks and moans beneath their touch. They frig her hard and fast, the sticky sounds of her wetness mingling with her cries of arousal. The lovers switch places again, driving Katana to an explosive orgasm with their skilful fingers. With her eyes covered, the sensation is so much more intense. Then they leave her alone, still unaware of the identity of her mysterious lovers – until now, that is…

5 months ago